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My Nudist Family Surprise ... by Graham (15)

    My mother and I moved to Greenville over the Christmas holidays so she could begin her new job as a nursing supervisor at the local hospital.  Obviously the first day at my new high school was strange.  I remember looking out of place at my first class, being the new guy, and not knowing anyone.  After attendance, our English teacher, Mrs. Norton, welcomed me to the class, and told me that the guidance counsellor wanted to meet with me at the bottom of the hour for a quick orientation.

     Ms. Glen also welcomed me to the school, and checked over my past grades.  She seemed impressed with my marks, and the fact that I participated on the debating team and the volleyball team at my old school in Ohio.  She told me my marks are fine, but it's normal at this school to have students in the higher grades help newcomers with their two weakest subjects.  I was in no position to object, and not knowing anyone here, or in Greenville for that matter, I agreed.  She told me she would arrange it with one of  the students who volunteer for the program, and would get back to me and set up a schedule.

   By the time I returned to class, Mrs. Norton had already paired the students up in study groups.  She then asked Janice to stand up, and told she would be my study partner.  Janice was pretty, with long blond hair, and was one of the few girls dressed nicely in the class.  She signalled to me we'd talk at lunch.

    We met in the crowded cafeteria over lunch, where Janice introduced me to some of her friends.  Then she told me study groups meet after school two days a week to go over the week's work and obviously, study together.  She said the reason Mrs. Norton pairs off the students is to make sure everyone is involved, to split up cliques, and to make sure no one is left out.  We agreed to meet in one of the study rooms after school on Tuesday.

   The following morning I was called down to the guidance counselor again, and introduced to a pretty girl who I was told would be my tutor.  Stephanie introduced herself, and told me her sister is Janice is in my class.  We would meet Wednesday's for half an hour after school to go over my chemistry and math. 
  This went on for about two weeks, Tuesday's after school with Janice, and Wednesday's after school with Stephanie.  It was hard not to notice that unlike most of the other girls in school, the Walkers were always neatly dressed.  They never wore jeans or pants or skimpy clothing -- always skirts, and always with pantyhose.  

  Janice and I got along well, and I always walked her home from school.  Sometimes when we got to her place her younger brother Daniel would be in the driveway shouting "there's Janice's boyfriend."  I think it was more to tease her, and than me, although on this particular walk home, we did agree to go out to a movie together on the weekend. 

  The next day Stephanie told me she couldn't tutor me after school, but we could do it at her house after dinner.  She also suggested I dress neatly, to make a good first impression on her father.  Besides, her parents wanted to meet the boy she's tutoring, and Janice's "much talked about" study partner and perhaps boyfriend.  I ditched my jeans and put on nice pants and a buttoned shirt.  I made it over that night and met her parents before getting down to work. 

    When we finished reviewing the week's math and chemistry, Mrs. Walker invited me over for dinner the following night, if it was OK with my parents. She said the family would like to get to know me better.  I guess Janice must have told her that I asked her if she would go on a date with me, and they really wanted to check me out.  I told Mrs. Walker that I live with my mom, and it would be OK with her, since she is working a late shift this week at the hospital, and leaves me dinner to warm up.

    The next night at the Walkers I felt like I was under a microscope at dinner.  It's a good thing I dressed up, because everyone else was.  Mr. Walker told me he likes his family to look its best at all times, because it makes a good impression.  I was surprised when Mrs. Walker explained that the girls never wore jeans or even slacks to school, although they can around the house.  In the back of my mind I made a mental note that if I was I to be Janice's boyfriend, I better start dressing better.

  Janice and I started go out.  Weekends were great.  We spent lots of time together, going to movies, long walks, and just going out for a burger and talk.  Sometimes we'd just rent a video and watch at her place, sometimes with her family.  With Janice as my girlfriend, I was at the Walkers a lot, and was beginning to feel like part of the family.

  We were going out for more than a month when Mrs. Walker told me she'd like to meet my mother.  Mrs. Walker said she understood my mom works strange hours, but would like to know her, and maybe meet over coffee.   I never thought anything of it when they did meet. 

   In fact, there was a lot I never thought about -- like why when I was at Janice's house there was a room on the main floor that we never went in to that was always locked.  Janice told me it was her father's private study, but I always saw him doing his work or reading in another room in the basement. 

    Something was also strange around the end of April, when Janice and her family were never around on Saturdays or Sundays.  While we did get together on the Fridays or sometimes on Saturday nights, she never told me where she and her family went.  There are only so many visits you can make to your relatives

   Something else was strange, as I overheard Stephanie on the phone talking with her best and longtime friend Elizabeth, telling her what time they would pick her up.  Was I being left out of something?  I thought so.

   One Tuesday after school Janice and I were studying at her house when her mother asked me to stay for dinner.  There was nothing unusual about that.  But during the dinner, with the whole family at the table, Mrs. Walker told me the family would be going camping on the long weekend, and they would like me to join them.  Janice looked at me and said "would you,  We'll be leaving early Friday, and return Monday night." I said I'd have to see if it's all right with my mom.  Mrs. Walker cut in, saying she had already spoken with my mother, and it was OK with her.  Everything was set. 

  My mom was working really early hours this week, and wouldn't see me off on the Friday, but she did do all my packing.  She even left my clothes out for me that morning, which was unusual.  Shorts, underwear, a golf shirt and sandals.  I didn't look inside my duffel bag, but even with a sleeping bag inside it did seem small for four days. There was note on the kitchen table:

 "Enjoy your trip. I know you'll have a great time with the Walkers."
 Love Mom

   Friday morning I  walked the several blocks to the Walker's house where Mr. Walker was loading the station wagon. "Hi, let me take that bag, and please, no more Mr. Walker, from now on it's Greg!" 

   Mrs. Walker then came out of the house wearing a summer dress, sunglasses and a wide hat and carrying more bags.  She then came up to me and gave me a little peck on the cheek. "Good morning camper!" 

   "Good morning Mrs. Walker," I smiled

   "Please, no more Mrs. Walker.  From now on, it's Shirley."  

   "OK, I answer, Shirley." 

   Daniel, Janice and Stephanie followed out of the house, and Janice came up and gave me a hug.  I noticed the girls were all wearing short sun dresses, which I thought wasn't camping attire.  "We're just waiting for Elizabeth, Stephanie's friend" Janice said.

   A few moments later Elizabeth, showed up.  She was also wearing a sun dress and carrying a small bag.  It didn't think she had that much considering we would be away for four days.  

   The station wagon was loaded, and we climbed in, Mr. and Mrs Walker in the front with Elizabeth, me in the second row between Janice and Daniel, and Stephanie in the back.  Janice told me our first stop is to pick their grandmother.

   About 10 minutes later we arrived at their grandmother's house.  Janice's grandmother was a large woman, and also wearing a light dress.  "What do I call your grandmother," I asked, no one in particular. 

   "Esther is just fine," replied Mrs. Walker.  

   Esther then got in and climb in the back. While she did she smiled at me and said "You must be Graham, Janice's boyfriend, pleased to meet you," and gave me a little peck on the cheek, as I blushed. 

  We were on the highway for about 20 minutes and there was the usual chit-chat.  They did talk about the weather, what a nice weekend it will be, a mention of swimming, a volleyball tournament, and a giant bonfire.  That's when I asked where we were camping.  "Is this going to be at the state park?" 

   Things turned quiet after my question.  Daniel then started giggling, and Janice began gently holding my hand. 

   The next few moments will always be played out slow-motion in my memory, as Shirley turned around, removed her sunglasses, looked at me right in the eye and said "we're camping at Sunny Eden." 

   There was more giggling from Daniel, and Janice looked right at me holding my hand, and then Shirley said, "it's a nudist club, dear."  

   I must have had a stunned look. I didn't say anything, figuring it was some kind joke they were playing on me.  Janice was still holding my had and looking into my eyes.  She smiled and said "Yes, Graham, we're nudists!" 

   She paused and then Mrs. Walker, who was still looking at me, gave me her reassuring smile and said, "there's nothing to be afraid of, dear." 

   Even Elizabeth turned and told me I'll have a great time, and there's nothing to be worried or scared about.

    I didn't say much the rest of the way.  I was wondering who are these people I was with.  My girlfriend and her all-American family, another bright teenage girl, mom, dad and grandmother, all running around naked. I still thought they were playing a huge joke on me until we turned down a small road and arrived at a gate house with the sign.


   Mr. Walker stopped at the window.  Then an woman about my mom's age looked out, waved, pressed a button, and the gate opened.  We  then drove slowly along a tree-lined dirt road as I anxiously wondered what was next.  Janice was rubbing my shoulder and told me we are almost there.  Again, Mrs Walker turned around and told me that everything is all right.  

    We drove by a small field where there naked people sitting outside some tents. "We're the next field," shouted Daniel.

  Then we pulled in.  Our station wagon pulled to a stop beside a large trailer.   Mr. Walker then turned off the ignition, and a small chorus of voices declared, "We're here!"   

   Mr. and Mrs. Walker then got out of the car.  

    Janice opened her door and got out, and I slowly moved out as well.  

   As I was getting out of the car, Mrs. Walker was already removing her sun dress.  She was wearing nothing underneath!  

   Mr. Walker was also removing his clothes.  So was everyone else, including Janice. 

  I didn't know what to do or where to look, when Mrs. Walker walked in front of me and looked me in the eye and said with a reassuring voice "Graham, you can remove your clothes whenever you feel comfortable."  I couldn't believe that a naked woman could stand that close to me and act so natural. 

  That's when I whispered to her "what if I get an erection?"  

   Mrs. Walker smiled and told me not to stare, and try thinking of something, else, like baseball, and lie or sit down on the grass, or hop in the pool.  

   I was the only person still wearing clothes, while everyone else was moving their bags, and getting the tent out of the storage bin. 

   "Hurry up Graham, we're going to need your help setting up the tent" smiled Janice. 

   I started fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, and then all at once I took off my shirt, pants, underwear, and joined everyone else. 

   "Come in the tent and stand, here and hold this pole," said Elizabeth.  She was a few feet from me holding another pole.  

   "There will be enough room for the five of us in here," she said. "Usually it's just the four of us, but one more sleeping bag and duffel bag on ground won't cramp our space," she smiled, while trying to engage me in any time of conversation.  

   "Hold tight, inside, we're stretching the guy lines," said Mr. Walker. 

   "Everything OK in there?" asked Mrs. Walker. 

    "We're fine," answered Elizabeth.

   From the flaps I could see Janice hammering in some pegs in the front , and from the shadows, I guess Stephanie was doing the same in the back.
   "Almost done," said Mr. Walker.  

   I kept noticing Daniel and his mother and grandmother walking back and forth, Elizabeth told me they were taking the food to the trailer, to put in the fridge. 

   Mr. Walker then told us to let go of the poles.  We did, and nothing moved. "Perfect," he said. 

    I followed Elizabeth out of the tent.  We were all standing outside, admiring the job.  "That must be a tent speed record," Stephanie said, "probably because of the addition of the strong guy helping inside."  With everyone trying to get my mind elsewhere, I  forgot I was naked!

     We then carried our sleeping bags and duffel bags inside.  Janice told me they keep their sleeping bags and tent in the storage locker during the week when they're not at the club.  She then politely asked me to get a towel, and said we're all going to take a walk.
   "Are we going swimming?"  

   "Yes, but that's not the only reason you need a towel," answered Janice. "It's to sit on." You always sit on a towel unless you're on the grass." 

    Just then Mrs. Walker came up to me and said "you'll need this," and handed me a container of sun screen.  "It's your first time, so cover your entire body." 

    A short time later, five of us, Janice, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Daniel and Mrs. Walker,  walked along the path to large grassy field populated by rows of lawn chairs and naked people. 

   Janice held my hand while Mrs. Walker led the way.  We passed by a busy volleyball court, a pond, a fenced off swimming pool with loads of people stretched out on lawn chairs.   "We'll be going there later," Janice said.  

   We then headed toward a small building.  Janice told me there is a pool, sauna and whirlpool inside, along with offices and a restaurant.  I have to admit that with everything going on, I was getting used to fact I was in a naked world.  
  "Let's go inside and get you signed in," said Mrs. Walker. "That way the people who run the club will know you're with us." 

   Just as we were about to enter a woman came up and gave Mrs. Walker a big hug "Shirley, I haven't seen you in ages.  I was told you and the family would be here this weekend with a guest!"

  "It's good to see you Dorothy," said Mrs. Walker.  You remember my family, she smiled, and this is Graham, Janice's friend."

   "Nice to meet you Graham," as she stuck out her hand. "I'll bet you were surprised when you found out your lovely girlfriend and her family are nudists"

  "Very much," I answered, with a smile, trying to look at her eyes, but noticing something else.   Shirley had no pubic hair!  All the other grown women did.

    "The Walkers, ummm, Shirley, and her family are very nice people. I think you'll be quite happy here with them.

     We then went inside to the office where we were met my an older naked woman. "Hello Dorothy, I see you've brought your guest here," and then shook my hand and welcomed me to Sunny Eden.

  She then took a folder off from desk and pulled out a piece of paper, "Yes, here's the permission form from Daniel's mother."

   Hmm, I thought to myself, my mom knows I'm here, wow!

   "Well Daniel, everything is in order with your membership, so you'll be able to come here any time with the Walkers." 

    I looked at Janice and at Mrs. Walker and gave them a smile, which they returned to me.  Then Stephanie said "come on Mr. Volleyball, we have a game we have to get to."
As we walked through the grounds to the volleyball court, I couldn't help notice all the naked people together on blankets and lawn chairs.  Then it hit me -- all this time I was naked, so is everyone else, and no one stared or cared.   It all seemed so natural. 

     Janice introduced me to the other players and warned them that I am good.  I was on Elizabeth's team.
We must have played over an hour and were sweating like crazy.  Janice then suggested we hop in the lake to cool off, before heading back to the camp site for lunch.

   I couldn't believe how much fun I was having with the Walkers.  All weekend, naked.  Volleyball, swimming, hiking, sunning, making new friends,  playing board games, campfires.  They even had a bake sale where Janice worked for a while.

   I felt sort of upset when Monday afternoon rolled around and we started packing up our things.   But that changed when Janice asked me why I was taking my sleeping bag to the car.  

"Graham, leave your sleeping bag here.  You don't want to bring it up every weekend when we come up to the club!" 
 Wow, I couldn't believe it.

    I'll be coming up to this nudist club with Walkers all the time, and my mom knows about it!
    Mom sure did know about it, because later in the summer, when she wasn't working on the weekends, we'd come up to Sunny Eden together. 
Mom even bought a trailer for us so we could spend our spare time together there. 

 Jason nudged me, "can you believe that guy, visiting a nudist club with all those naked girls all summer.

  Get a load of the next story.

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